Is ReactJS the same as react-native?

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No, ReactJS, also known as just React, and React Native are related technologies that have diverse uses in the web and mobile development space.


ReactJS (React):

Facebook developed a JavaScript toolkit called ReactJS for creating online user interfaces. It lets programmers manage an application's state effectively and produce reusable user interface components. Web browsers are the primary platform on which React is used to construct single-page applications (SPAs).

Native React:

Conversely, React Native is a framework for creating mobile applications with React and JavaScript. Although it is designed primarily for mobile app development, React Native shares the same principles and syntax as React. It makes it possible for developers to create native mobile components for iOS and Android using React. React Native converts React components into native components, enabling a more native-like performance on mobile devices, as opposed to rendering components to HTML like React does.


To sum up, React Native expands the React paradigm to mobile app development, allowing developers to create cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase, while ReactJS is concentrated on web development, generating user interfaces for browsers.


0 Answers

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